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Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
Tennessee Men’s Clinic

While the general mass knows that a would-be mother’s body goes through dramatic change during her pregnancy and after giving birth to the child, many are not aware of the fact that such biological changes are also experienced by their male partners. Studies have already established that testosterone levels in men decline chiefly after the new child reaches home. Particularly, men who get involved with their infants, feel more bonded in the nurturing activities of the child together with their spouses. According to Tennessee Men’s Clinic, when males find their babies crying or in distress, their worry declines their testosterone level.

However, during this stage father also needs to keep them fully energized and active and in no way can comprise the dropping of testosterone in them and its possible consequences. So, by following the tips below new fathers can lessen the impact of testosterone drop.

Go for Healthy Diet

Diet plays a major role in perverse testosterone levels which most people are not aware of. Include grapes in the diet plan as it is known for increasing T-levels while to maintain sex drive having foods rich in vitamin D is ideal. Some other testosterone-increasing food items include cabbage, honey, garlic, pomegranate, etc. Make sure to consume eggs, lean protein, and leafy vegetables which are great to maintain T level consistently.

Get More Sleep

Although it may seem a ridiculous suggestion for a new father to get good sleep as typically deprived sleep is a common experience especially for the mothers and their partner during the first three months of the child’s birth. Again, fathers who are more caring for the baby and also want to share the troubles of their spouse in the childcare process are more affected due to lack of quality sleep. In fact, this problem is mainly faced due to the distinct sleep pattern of a newborn which continues for the first few months.

According to experts at Tennessee Men’s Clinic, parents need to take enough naps during the day time. This helps fathers to restore testosterone levels with the power of nap as well as the opportunity for having a good sleep to get recharged.

Never Forget To Be Involved In Daily Workouts

While daily workouts are important for all individuals, for new fathers it is essential to beat the dropping of testosterone levels. Although it could be challenging to find sufficient time to exercise, new fathers should remember that more strength training, and involving some time in sit-ups, push-ups, body squats, etc. can be most effective to optimize your blood flow while minimizing the chances of dropping testosterone.

Focus on the Relationship

There are numerous things that you can try to stay physically fit and keep the romantic relationship alive which can help your body to regain its normal testosterone levels. According to the physicians, it is safe to get back to your normal sexual life after 6 weeks of delivery, irrespective of the method of delivery. This can help testosterone level up to the desired level.

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