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Mon. May 27th, 2024
Alcoholic Myopathy

Myopathy is a condition that is diagnosed in the muscles. Here, the patient will be suffering from muscular development with weak fibers. These fibers will not function as they should, resulting in muscle weakness. Some develop this condition at birth, whereas some develop it over the years.

The condition of heavy alcohol consumption can lead to functional loss in the skeletal muscles. This condition is known as myopathy, which is developed from alcohol consumption. You can find this alcoholic myopathy condition in one of 3 alcohol users. The best way of helping them is with the help of Detox To Rehab. This team is known to handle many such alcohol users and has successfully brought them out of the clutches. You can check their webpage to know more.


Myopathy is of two types, namely chronic and acute.

·   Acute Myopathy

When a person has the habit of drinking alcohol continuously and prefers drinking 4 to 5 drinks a day can develop this condition. The condition of binge drinking can lead to an increase in the blood alcohol level and can result in rhabdomyolysis.

Rhabdomyolysis can gradually turn into kidney failure, which then leads to the requirement for dialysis.

·   Chronic Myopathy

Chronic myopathy is caused by a continuous supply of alcohol to the blood over the years. The presence of too much alcohol in the system can lead to tissue damage. The other effects include zinc, iron, vitamin B and D deficiency. The body’s muscles can be cured with the help of the conversion of proteins in food. The process of breaking down protein will be hindered because of the excess presence of alcohol in the body, leading to myopathy.


The symptoms that you can notice from myopathy are,

  • Muscular mass
  • Muscle pain
  • Heat sensitivity
  • Cramping and twitching
  • Tightness in muscles
  • Dark urination

Sometimes, people who are suffering from myopathy cannot move properly around because of muscular tightness in the shoulders and pelvis. Such people have been unable to walk or stand appropriately over the years.

Prolonged myopathy condition can lead to irregular heartbeat, breathing issues, chances of heart attack or heart failure, stroke, and so on. The best way of avoiding all such problems is by keeping in control of how much you can drink.

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