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Mon. May 27th, 2024
Knee surgery    

During physical exertion or as a result of trauma, the knee ligament can rupture. However, its healing cannot occur spontaneously: to repair the anterior cruciate ligament, the surgeon proceeds to ligamentoplasty of the knee.

Meniscal surgery

The menisci, these cushions which play a fundamental role of shock absorbers for the protection of the knee, can over time be refined. They become fragile and can be damaged during physical activity or shock. Meniscal surgery is done under knee arthroscopy: tiny incisions are made to repair meniscus lesions.

Total knee prosthesis

Osteoarthritis, this degeneration and wear of the cartilage affects the knee, among other things, causing pain and difficulty in performing everyday actions or certain specific actions. By fitting a knee prosthesis, the joint once again enjoys freedom of movement and indolence.

Unicompartmental knee prosthesis

In case of osteoarthritis, the knee joint can be worn over a delimited part. In this situation, the surgeon proposes the placement of a unicompartmental prosthesis of the knee, that is to say to replace precisely the damaged parts of the joint with a partial prosthesis.

Patella recentering

When patellar dysfunction is observed with symptoms such as discomfort, pain, swelling or blockages, the therapeutic indication is patellar recentering. This knee surgery rebalances the joint by positioning the patella precisely in line with the trochlea, that is to say the knee.

Knee cartilage surgery

Trauma, repeated physical efforts or imperfect growth, these are the main causes of damage to the cartilage of the knee. Causing pain, swelling or feelings of discomfort, this lesion can be resorbed thanks to cartilage surgery of the knee.

Tibial valgus osteotomy

To treat osteoarthritis of the knee, one of the operations consists of intervening on the tibia at its upper end to restore a harmonious axis with respect to the knee joint: the valgus osteotomy, performed under radiological control, involves the placement of a plate while the bone consolidates.

Revision of knee prosthesis

The fitting of a prosthesis gives a second life to the joint. However, sometimes it wears out over time, sometimes even causing the prosthesis to loosen. It no longer performs its function correctly and the surgeon then proceeds to the revision of the knee prosthesis in order to restore the joint’s freedom of movement in a painless manner.

Knee arthrolysis

Arthrolysis is a knee operation which consists of freeing the knee of the adhesions present in the joint, and which constitute the stiffness. Arthrolysis is carried out under arthroscopy, that is to say that the knee surgeon does not open the joint.

Posterior cruciate ligamentoplasty

When it is ruptured, the posterior cruciate ligament causes the knee to lose its stability, causing the patient a very embarrassing feeling of relaxation. The operation of the posterior cruciate ligament, ligamentoplasty under arthroscopy, is an intervention which consists in repairing a tear of the cruciate ligament.

Knee dislocation treatment

Knee dislocation is a rare and serious pathology characterized by the rupture of at least 2 of the 4 ligaments of the joint. The first step in the treatment of a knee dislocation is to reduce it by wearing a splint. The second step is surgery.

Treatment of ruptured patellar tendon and quadriceps tendon

Rupture of one or more tendons in the knee requires rapid medical treatment of the patient. Indeed, this rupture causes intense pain, significant swelling of the knee, translation of the patella, as well as high functional impotence.

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